To spot and identify Sivasakthi in a musical or a cultural congregation is not too difficult a task, as she is swarmed by students always. She has quite a few students, who have organically and traditionally graduated from Sarale Varasaigal to Arangetram, and beyond. Sivasaskthi is particular about the dedication and humility from the student community. So it would be appropriate to have a page aimed at guiding her students regarding the true spirit of gurukula and the traditional systems of learning.

Look for updates on these pages, specially music students and music enthusiasts for fine tuning music knowledge and for further learning.

The following series of albums and CDs, released by Guru Sivasakthi, are aimed at music students to further their musical insight. These CDs are designed in logical sequence of learning.

Voyage I - Sarale Varisai to Upper Sthayi Varisai

Voyage II - Datu Varisai, Alangaram and Gitam

Voyage III - Swarajathi to Varnam

Voyage IV - Songs and Alapanam

Voyage V - Songs and Alapanam

A set of two CDs for Ragam and Tanam

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